Tellings Rulebook Version 10.2

The Tellings rulebook has gotten a much needed refresh (v10.2), fixing a number of typo and layout issues and revising a few rules and details. A full account of the addenda and errata is available here. The new version is available via Amazon:

Gaming During the Pandemic, Playing Tellings Online

I am a contributing editor to a new gaming website called Gamers With Glasses, the brainchild of Christian Haines and Roger Whitson. For the launch of the site, Gamers With Glasses ran a featured series on “Gaming During the Pandemic,” a month of short essays, reflections, and provocations on the theme. I decided to contribute […]

Rolling 2d10s

Since there are no gifs of rolling two ten-sided dice (2d10s) on the internet, it might be time to make some…

Tellings, A Role-Playing Primer

{From the Tellings vaults, here is a handout I wrote in 2009 to give to brand new players to my gaming table. The years have passed, the game has changed, and I have had the great fortune to get to know new players in different cities. However, my advice has remained constant. Enjoy.| My gaming […]

Preface to the 25th Anniversary Edition of Tellings

Ten years have passed since Tellings was revised, refreshed, was taken into the shop for a tune-up and a much needed detailing. The last edition was the eighth edition—eight point three to be exact—updated in 2008. It has been twenty-seven years since Tellings was a twinkle in my eye. In fact, way back when, the […]

Combat Sheets Available!

Updated combat sheets are now in Downloads: Player Combat Sheet A (v10.1 with Prayer Success%) Player Combat Sheet B (v10.1 with Spell Success%) Wright Combat Sheet (v10.1)

Character Sheets Available!

Updated character sheets are now up on the Downloads page (in PDF form): Character Sheet A (v10.1 with magic by form) Character Sheet B (v10.1 with magic by school)

Blast from the Past

Since I have disabled the old Tellings website, I wanted to post a screen capture of what it used to look like for posterity and nostalgia’s sake. I built the site in the late 90s hand coding it in HTML. I liked the simplicity of it; it was meant to be more informational and celebratory […]