Addenda & Errata

Version 10.1

Here are the following edits, revision, and changes (most of them are typographical and minor) from version 10.0 to version 10.1:

Front Matter

p. vi – under “Adventuring,” now reads “Table 7.7: Shields Quick List”

p. vi – under “The Wright,” page number for “Table 9.1: Levels of Experience or Power” is p. 357

Chapter Two

p. 17 – under sample wish list and attrbases, for Combination, base cost is 5, triple cost is 15

Chapter Three

p. 9 – first paragraph, removed hyphen in “storytelling”

p.17 – under “Sample Wish List,” corrected base cost and figured cost for Combination in sample character creation, now reads “Combination agi, dex, per, str/5” and “missing agi, per, triple cost = 15”

p. 23 – corrected base cost for Combination under “The Combat Skills” from 3 to 5

p. 26 – base cost for Combination corrected from 3 to 5; in the fourth paragraph of the skill description should read: “For example, the character’s attrbases are agi, dex, and per.  Therefore the cost of Combination is 10 points per move.  Initially, the player decides to go for a simple strike-strike Combination with the character’s favored weapon long sword costing a total of 20…Later, the player spends another 10 points to buy another Ending move to allow the character to strike-strike or strike-Parry and Strike.”

Chapter Four

p. 81 – in description of “Unlucky (-5),” fixed italicization of Unlucky; clarified third paragraph of description and now reads: “For example, a character with only one level of Unlucky suffers a -1% to their Luck% and has a slight chance of suffering misfortune; the Wright rolls 2d10 and if a 20 appears, something unfortunate or disastrous happens.  If the character has two levels of Unlucky, they suffer a -2% to Luck% and an additional chance of trouble (a roll of 19 or 20 on 2d10).  If the character has three levels of Unlucky, they suffer a -3% to Luck% and an even greater chance of disaster (a roll of 18, 19, or 20 on 2d10).

Chapter Five

p. 140 – fixed type size of ‘Flash and Burn’

p. 159 – the form of ‘Charm Monster’ should be Thought not Blood

p. 167 – italicized spell names of ‘Locate Cave’, ‘Locate Magic’, and ‘Locate Mineral’

p.194 – ‘Wither Wood’ should be ‘Wither Plant’

Chapter Six

p. 196 – right column, last sentence under “The Domains,” insert comma after Nuran

p. 212 – ‘Learn Every Word with Skill and Ease’ should read ‘Every Word Learned with Skill and Ease’

p. 247 – space added to “(Send Coin)”

End Matter

p. 381 – right column, under “The Form of Wood,” fix typography of spell names

p. 389 – left column, correct ‘Night Vision’ page number: 235

p. 399 – Appendix E: Spell and Prayer Index by Name added

p. 407 – new starting page for index