Gaming During the Pandemic, Playing Tellings Online

I am a contributing editor to a new gaming website called Gamers With Glasses, the brainchild of Christian Haines and Roger Whitson. For the launch of the site, Gamers With Glasses ran a featured series on “Gaming During the Pandemic,” a month of short essays, reflections, and provocations on the theme. I decided to contribute […]

Tellings, A Role-Playing Primer

{From the Tellings vaults, here is a handout I wrote in 2009 to give to brand new players to my gaming table. The years have passed, the game has changed, and I have had the great fortune to get to know new players in different cities. However, my advice has remained constant. Enjoy.| My gaming […]

Preface to the 25th Anniversary Edition of Tellings

Ten years have passed since Tellings was revised, refreshed, was taken into the shop for a tune-up and a much needed detailing. The last edition was the eighth edition—eight point three to be exact—updated in 2008. It has been twenty-seven years since Tellings was a twinkle in my eye. In fact, way back when, the […]