Gaming During the Pandemic, Playing Tellings Online

I am a contributing editor to a new gaming website called Gamers With Glasses, the brainchild of Christian Haines and Roger Whitson. For the launch of the site, Gamers With Glasses ran a featured series on “Gaming During the Pandemic,” a month of short essays, reflections, and provocations on the theme.

I decided to contribute a piece on playing tabletop role-playing games online during the pandemic. I write about why gaming, particularly pen-and-paper games, have been important to me, particularly during an unprecedented time of social distancing and isolation. I write about the games I have played in the past. And I write about playing Tellings online, which I jokingly call tele-Tellings. You can read my essay “Playing Games, Practicing Utopia” here:

Blast from the Past

Since I have disabled the old Tellings website, I wanted to post a screen capture of what it used to look like for posterity and nostalgia’s sake. I built the site in the late 90s hand coding it in HTML. I liked the simplicity of it; it was meant to be more informational and celebratory than anything else. Now, years later, I wanted to put the game out there–more–and hope people will play it, enjoy it, and love it as much as I do.